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The Final Group match

posted 14 Jul 2010, 06:09 by All Whites   [ updated 14 Jul 2010, 06:32 ]
Well we knew that New Zealand had to win (well pretty much) to be able to progress through to the next round.
They managed to do well on holding off Paraguay during the game, and had only a couple of good chances of getting a shot on goal..  which just wide.   So the game ended up in a 0 - 0 draw..  :(

I sure had a bit of adventure even trying to see the game.  Had gone to Glastonbury for the music festival, and they were only showing the England game on the big screen, even though there were no bands playing on the Thursday they weren't going to show any other games.   So had to leave the site to try and find a pub.  Just leaving the site took about half an hour (during which I was almost run over by Prince Charles landrover contingent).  Then walked up the hill to the nearest pub, dodgy tractors, buses and fences to then find that the closest pub that was open yesterday was now closed.  
After waiting a while to get a taxi which never came past, I asked a local and he said there was a local bus service that would go the opposite way and would go past a pub.  Time was ticking down.  So went and waited and then the bus turned up, though then some young kid ahead got on and tried to make up some sob story about how he had been at the festival, then went to a car, but then left the car and festival and needed to get the bus somewhere but he didn't have any money to pay for a ticket!  Lame.  So the bus driver wouldn't go anywhere without the kid getting off the bus.  Eventually some of the festival people who were trying to keep the road clear came along and they paid for the stupid kid.
Bus then drove past the festival and I got out and the next pub the other way, that was open, went into the pub and then found that it was a lovely big pub that did great English food and a lovely beer garden area, and they had absolutely no TVs!  Great.
So back out on the main road, managed to flag down a taxi and told the guy to take me to the nearest pub showing the game.  The driver was Italian and actually thought the Italy game was tomorrow, he checked with his office and they confirmed what I said that the game was on in about 10 minutes.   So he told his office he was going home after dropping me off in the town of Glastonbury.
I get into the town and they have at least three pubs and a bookie, go into all those places and they are all showing the damn Italy/Slovakia game!  Where's the NZ/Paraguay game?
I find one pub that has tv's outside in the beer garden, ask the people around if they mind the channel being changed, they say no, then ask the bar manager.  He said it's all one system and if he changes the channel on one it changes it for everyone else!  Argh!!
But he says he does have a projection room which he could open up for me, and he kindly does.  So it's me in this big long room with a projection screen sitting there by myself watching the game.


Kept popping out to hear about the Italy game as that was a pretty exciting/intense game..

Such a pity that the All Whites couldn't have gotten a goal though.   As if we had won that game it meant that NZ would have been top of the table!  How would that be from starting the World Cup as 2000-1 outsiders to win the cup!